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Appeals timeline

Admissions Arrangements/policy 2018-19  Admissions SIF 

Admissions Arrangements/Policy 2017-18

Admissions Arrangements/Policy 2016-17

Admissions Arrangements/Policy 2015-16

Access audit report

Access audit report Update

Anti-Bullying Policy 2016/2017

Appraisal Policy - Teachers

Appraisal Policy - Support Staff

Assesment Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Capability policy and procedure

Charging and Remissions policy

Child protection

Complaints procedure 

Discipline policy and procedures

Discretionary Leave Policy

Early Years policy

eSafety Policy

Equality Policy

Equality Statement

Freedom of Information

Grievance policy

Governors' allowances (scheme for paying)

Health and Safety

Home-school agreement

Missing/lost child policy

Maths policy

Nurture group policy

Privacy notice

Procedure for dealing with allegations of abuse

Promoting British Values

Safeguarding policy

SEN and Inclusion policy

Sex and Relationship policy

Single equality policy

Social Media Policy

Supporting pupils with medical conditions

Teaching and Learning policy

Teachers pay policy