Art & Design

Art Gallery 2016-2017

Children enjoyed taking part in our big draw event. Each child planned and created a beautiful bottle to hang from Sky Lark Classroom roof.


Art is led by Mrs Pottinger, Years One to Six have an art session with her once a week to develop the skills within art. During this session the work is based around the work taught in the topics of Science, Geography and History. The children have the opportunity to develop the skills of painting, drawing and sculpture.
Each year they will experience new skills within their Year Group and help this then helps them to develop more ideas and become more expressive. 
This year was the second year we have completed a Big Draw event and enjoyed making a bottle exhibition for everyone to enjoy in the playground.

During the Big Draw every child in the school designed a way to decorate a bottle and then applied their design to a bottle. We had a local artist come in and work with the children for this event and lots of children enjoyed taking their parents to see the exhibition. 
We look forward to gaining more Arts Awards this year with Key Stage One as last year all of Key stage 2 gained Discovery level. We are currently busy collecting evidence for the Artsmark award and look forward to gaining this within the school year.