Religious Education

Religious Education
As a Catholic school R.E is embedded in all aspects of school life.
The children follow the Diocesan "God Matters" religious education scheme, which forms the basis of the school's Catholic RE curriculum.
Prayer and worship are an important part of the life of our school. The children and staff pray together each day, either in Collective Worship as a whole school or in smaller groups such as year groups or classes. Each day begins and ends with prayer.
You do have the right to withdraw your child from Religious Education and from acts of worship, but we feel that you would not choose St. Paul's for your child if you did not feel that its Christian Life and ethos was an essential part of your child's education.


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God Matters

The God Matters education scheme is used throughout our school and is split up into different themes which are revisited and developed each year.  
  • Creation - Learning about the creation story and developing this learning to explore why we should look after God's creation.
  • Prayer, Saints and Feasts - This unit explores our relationship with God and how we celebrate our Saints.
  • Advent - Looks at how we prepare for Jesus birth
  • Christmas - specifically looks at the story of Christmas and what it means to us.
  • Sacraments - The children develop an understanding of each of the 7 sacraments within the Catholic Faith.
  • Lent - Children develop an understanding of how we prepare for Jesus' death.
  • Holy Week- Children will explore each of the different stages of Holy Week and empathise with Jesus' and the disciples feelings throughout this time.
  • Easter - Children are given the opportunities to explore the sacrifice Jesus and God made at this time.
  • Revelation - developing our knowledge of how we should follow God's laws and how we are waiting for Jesus to come again.