At St Paul's we want to create pupils who have a scientific mind, who want to find out how the world works. We do this through our science work.
During Autumn 1 across the school we have been completing topics under the title Lets Investigate. Some year groups have been looking at how the human body works, others have been looking at space and some have been looking at plant and animal life cycles.
Most year groups have had science project homeworks, to support thier in class learning. Some year groups were also lucky enough to have amazing workshops or unsual science lessons.
Year 2 had a visit from Zoo Lab where the zoo was bought into St Paul's for the children to explore and discover.
Year 5 had an amazing Skype video call from London Zoo to look at the animals that live there.
Year 6 went hands on investigating Pigs hearts to see if they could see the different chambers.
At St Paul's we try to make science relevant, interesting and hands on for our children as we know they learn best when they are part of the learning.
Websites to help with Scientific Learning