Welcome to Year 4

Flamingo Class

Mr J Bachelor - Teacher
Mrs B Udy - TA

Swans Class

Miss S Holmes - Teacher
Mrs L Hopkins - TA, Mrs D Dollery - TA

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Autumn 2

Year 4 Summer 1 

 What are we learning in English?

In English this half term the children will be studying non-fiction texts, especially about how machines work - this is linked to our current History Topic.

What are we learning in Maths?

During the Summer term we will be comparing and classifying shapes, discovering angles and lines of symmetry.

What are we learning in RE?

During the Summer Term the children will be looking at unit called Easter, the children will be retelling important stories, making links between stories, learning about the ascension and use religious vocabulary. 

What are we learning in Computing?

Within this unit the children will be looking at computing and its links to music. How many children in the class play an instrument? How many of them like singing, or simply enjoy listening to music? In this unit, the children produce music suitable for a given purpose.


What are we learning within our topic?

This half term we will be studying a History unit called Inventions. We will be looking at how these have changed our lives and why they were needed in the first place. 

Information for Parents

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