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Year 5 Geography -Summer Term 

In Year 5 we have been consolidating our understanding of the water cycle. In class we were able to create our own water cycles, showing the different stages: evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

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Lourdes Pilgrimage Visior

In Year 5 we have been learning about Mary and how she has had an impact on people's lives today. As part of this we were lucky enough to have Mrs Joyce come in and talk to us about her visit to Lourdes (France) and how this had impacted her life.

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Prevent Online Safety Workshop by ParentZone

The chidlren took part in an hour workshop, learning about how to keep safe online and how to tell if news/website are real or fake. It created a class discussion on the use of the internet. 

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The children of year 5 were sent invites during the half term to start at the new Victorian School on Monday 19th February. The children were asked to come in dressed in the correct uniform and experience what life was like in a Victorian School.

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Science Week

What an amazing week for our pupils, not only did they get to see a real life scientist create magic rainbow water, but then they were able to learn about balloon rockets and aerodynamics. Over the week the pupils have completed a record 4 science experiements and have even been able to work out the speed of their rocket balloons!

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Portsmouth Football Club - Kinder Project

Over the last few weeks the pupils in year 5 have been taking part in a Portsmouth in the Community project called Kinder. The children have been learning about healthy lifestyles, healthy diets and have even been able to learn a new trick or two in bench ball. The children have been developing their team work and personal attitudes towards team sports. 

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Author Visit - Ali Sparkes

An amazing visit from Ali Sparkes - The pupils of year 5 were enthralled with Ali's time travelling machine and her passion for writing. It was amazing to hear how she became so resilient as she was knocked back many times by many publishers. 

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