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TERM Spring 1

What you are doing in English

During this half term we will be reading The Tempest

The reading skills we will cover are:

  • Retrieves, records and presents information from non-fiction.
  • Predict what might have happened from details stated and implied.
  • Summarise the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph, identifying key details that support the main ideas.
  • Identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning.
  • Draw inferences from characters’ feelings and actions and justify them with evidence from the text.


We will be writing setting descriptions and a range of narrative to allow children to be creative story writers.

We will also write a range of non-fiction texts based on our Geography work on natural disasters.

The composition and grammar skills we will cover are:

  • Use a wide range of clause structures
  • Selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary, understanding how such choices can change and enhance meaning
  • In narratives, describe settings, characters and atmosphere and integrating dialogue to convey character and advance the action.
  • Use parenthesis including commas, dashes and bracktets
  • Use semi-colons and colons
  • Linking ideas across paragraphs using a wider range of cohesive devices: repetition of a word or phrase, grammatical connections [for example, the use of adverbials such as on the other hand, in contrast, or as a consequence], and ellipsis

What you are doing in Maths

We will revise our written methods for multiplication and division. We will continue our unit on fractions: simplifying fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. We will convert fractions to decimals and as percentages. We will solve problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages. We will continue solving routine and non-routine problems.


We will explore work on shape including angles, translation, reflection and scaling. We will also begin a variety of problem solving lessons relating to statistics.


We will have ATWM test and an arithmetic test every Friday to help with our mental maths and our mathematical fluency.


What are you doing in RE

Our God Matters topic will be Christmas and Revelation.

We will be learning to:

  • Use religious vocabulary appropriately
  • Express a point of view
  • Describe complex passages of scripture
  • Show understanding of beliefs and worship

What are you doing in Computing

We will be learning to:

  • Develop the ability to reason logically about algorithms
  • Understand how algorithms can be expressed as programs
  • Understand algorithms for sorting and searching


What are you doing in History  

Our topic is ‘Wonderful World’ and natural disasters.

We will be learning to:

  • Identify countires around the world
  • Understand longitude and latitude
  • Explore a range of climate zones and time zones  



What are you doing in Science

Our topic is ‘Electricity’.

We will be learning to:

  • Batteries are a store of energy. This energy pushes electricity round the circuit
  • When the battery’s energy is gone it stops pushing
  • Voltage measures the push
  • Current is how much electricity is flowing around a circuit
  • The greater the current flowing through a device the harder it works
  • When current flows through wires heat is released. The greater the current the more heat is released.


Key information (PE days etc)

PE will be on a Monday and a Wednesday. Your child will need the correct school uniform: blue or black shorts, a white t-shirt and trainers or plimsolls. Please ensure your child has tape to cover their earrings. As it is turning colder your child will need a tracksuit for outdoor P.E.

We will also be having dance sessions this half term with a dance specialist.


Maths and English homework will be given out on Monday and handed in on Friday.

Spellings will be handed out on a Monday and tested on a Friday. All children are expected to write their spellings into grammatically correct sentences.




Special Dates

(Trips workshops etc)




Information for Parents

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