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Monday 16th July

Transition day for children to meet their new teachers

Tuesday 17th July

Transition day for all children to meet their new teachers

2:00 & 6:00 PM Summer show Year 6 Performance

Wednesday 18th July
3:00pm transition meeting for parents of children moving to year 2
Thursday 19th July

Year 3 visit to Moors Valley

3:00pm transition meeting for parents of children moving to year 3

Friday 20th July

9:15am Award ceremony

3:30pm Magic show for KS1

5:00pm Disco for KS2


St Pauls X Factor

In St Paul's School we love singing and to show our love of singing, on Friday 29th June, we had an X-Factor hymn competition. Each year group chose a worship song and performed for the whole school. There were 4 judges - Mr Walsh, Mrs Schouller, Mrs Killick and Mrs Haywood. The winner of X-Factor Hymn 2018 is Year 4 children who sang 'I will follow him'.

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Carnival Festival

Thank you to those who supported us at the paulsgrove carnival. It was a great turn out and we won ‘spirit of the carnival’.


Poppy Wave Trip

The Whole school recently went on a trip to go and see the Poppy Wave at Fort Nelson, here are some of the photos from our trip.


Well done to our Year 3/4 Tri Golf Team who won the Portsmouth Tournament this week.

They showed true determination, resilience and team work whilst representing St Paul’s at the Tournament.

The children now go on to represent Portsmouth in the Hampshire Games in Aldershot later this term.


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Marian Week May 2018 

Throughout the school we focused on Mary for the first week of May. During this week the children were given the opportunity to visit the Mary shrine within the grounds of St Paul's Church. This was a time the children were able to reflect on Mary and how she is the mother of God. Also some children were able to visit local care homes, where they shared flowers to build bonds within our community. 

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Royal Wedding Celebration

On Friday 18th of May, we celebrated the Royal Wedding day!

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Year 5/6 Boys Football Tournament

WOW! Congratualtions to our Boys Football team for winning the Tournament on Friday. 

The boys played many matches in the tournament, using thier skills, determination and team work they were able to win all of thier matches! 

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 Public Health Information

Please find below information from the Children’s Public Health Information Team regarding recent measles outbreaks in other areas of the country.


The recent measles outbreaks in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Surrey are all linked to ongoing large outbreaks in Europe. We’re urging anyone travelling this winter to make sure they are up to date with their MMR vaccines. More info:

Plese also find here a leaflet, "think measles", for young people.

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