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Year 6 and Year 2 SATs all week

Monday 14th May


Tuesday 15th May

Year 3 visit to Lord Mayor making ceremony - AM

Wednesday 16th May


Thursday 17th May


Friday 18th May

9:05am Celebration Assembly 

Year 6 Swimming - AM

Year 6 visit to Portchester Castle - PM


Year 5/6 Boys Football Tournament

WOW! Congratualtions to our Boys Football team for winning the Tournament on Friday. 

The boys played many matches in the tournament, using thier skills, determination and team work they were able to win all of thier matches! 

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Sign Language Choir

Last week our wonderful Sign Language Choir, led by Mrs Bayliss, gave the whole school, as well as the parents, a concert to remember. The children all signed the songs: True Colours, Million Dreams, This is Me and These Days. They performed amazingly and we were extremely proud of all those who took part.


Junior Rock Challenge 2018

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At last our children, got to perform at the Portsmouth Guildhall as part of the Junior Rock Challenge. An they were AMAZING! Here at St Paul's we have amazing children, who always rise to the occasion. They were wonderful to watch and made every member of the St Paul's Community proud. 

We won two awards : one for the best music and also the award for the most entertaining performance. Well done to everyone who took part and all those adults, staff, parents, and children who supported our Rock Challenge Dancers.  Click the link below to see the article in The Portsmouth News.


TT Rock Stars St Paul's Launch

Today pupils at St Paul's were asked to wear clothes that had something to do with maths, including numbers and patterns. This was a special maths day as TT Rockstars was launched across the school. The children and parents were invited to a launch assembly where they got to me the Time Table Rock Stars and learn how to use the new app/website to practice their multiplication and division skills.

Each child has been sent home with a log on for the website where they can earn points for their band (their class) and earn coins to spend in the avatar shop.

We hope that all children will enjoy this new fun way of learning their time’s table facts. During the week the children will be practicing with Times Table Rockstars to increase their speed and accuracy. Click the image below to go to the TT Rock Stars Website the link is also on our parents tab on the homepage. 


Holy Week 2018

During this very reflective time, the children of St Paul's took part in a liturgy every day that showed what was happening to Jesus during Holy Week, the children then were given time in class to reflect on the messages given. Palm Sunday - joy and wonder at Jesus the King of the Jews, Last Supper - time of remembrance and symbolism that continues today, Arrest of Jesus - have we ever betrayed anyone? And finally the Stations of the Cross leading up to Jesus's death and resurrection.


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Each class took part in a Lenten journey organised by Mrs Biddlecombe our Lay Chaplin, where each class took a journey around our site making four stops, and taking part in a reflective activity. Station 1: CAFOD - How would we feel being a refugee? How can we help those who are homeless? Station 2: Symbolism - What do all the symbols at this time of year represent. Stations 3: Story of faith - how our faith develops - here the children created their own paper cross whilst telling their own story and finally Station 4: Jesus' cross - prayer writing, a time for each child to think about their relationship with God. 

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Here are some of the activities we took part in compiled into a short video.



 Public Health Information

Please find below information from the Children’s Public Health Information Team regarding recent measles outbreaks in other areas of the country.


The recent measles outbreaks in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Surrey are all linked to ongoing large outbreaks in Europe. We’re urging anyone travelling this winter to make sure they are up to date with their MMR vaccines. More info:

Plese also find here a leaflet, "think measles", for young people.