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Monday 15th Janurary  
Tuesday 16th January

4:00pm First Holy Communion preparation meeting – in Yr3 classroom

Wednesday 17th January


Thursday 18th January


Friday 19th January

AM Year 3 Swimming

9:05am Celebration Assembly – 100% attendance assembly


Please find below information from the Children’s Public Health Information Team regarding recent measles outbreaks in other areas of the country.


The recent measles outbreaks in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester and Surrey are all linked to ongoing large outbreaks in Europe. We’re urging anyone travelling this winter to make sure they are up to date with their MMR vaccines. More info:

Plese also find here a leaflet, "think measles", for young people.

Mary's Meals Backpack Project at St Paul's has been a success! We would like to say thank you to every family that has donated to this project as we have been able to fill a staggering 20 backpacks for the appeal. We have many items left that can go towards to appeal also. Thank you for your generosity and we will keep you updated with where the bags end up!

The bags are for children that go without everyday items such as shoes and pencils for school! The children in Malawi are being helped by Mary's Meals to make sure they have these basic items - St Paul's have made an impact!

The Year 2 Nativity Dress Rehearsal in 2017 was a blast, getting all the kids dressed up and excited for the performance was really worth all the effort that was put into it!



Autumn 1 2016-2017

At St Paul's the children and staff have been working hard to embed a Growth Mindset. This is helping us to excel in our learning and apply a positive attitude to the challenges that we may encounter with new learning.The link below explains Growth Mindset in more detail so that you can help your child in their learning journey and apply a Growth Mindset alongside St Paul's Learning Journey

Growth Mindset winners

As part of our Growth Mindset we set a competition to create Growth Mindset Posters from the amazing entries these were picked as winners and have been made into a Growth Mindset Banner which is up on our entrance fence,

 KS1 winners Jessica & George

KS2 winners Beau, Zoe & Mark



 For those who missed it : Click the link below


Our time that we have donated to the care home.
Total hours donated so far: 24


 We made it into the news!