Holy Week 

During this very reflective time, the children of St Paul's took part in a liturgy every day that showed what was happening to Jesus during Holy Week, the children then were given time in class to reflect on the messages given. Palm Sunday - joy and wonder at Jesus the King of the Jews, Last Supper - time of remembrance and symbolism that continues today, Arrest of Jesus - have we ever betrayed anyone? And finally the Stations of the Cross leading up to Jesus's death and resurrection
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Each class took part in a Lenten journey organised by Mrs Biddlecombe our Lay Chaplin, where each class took a journey around our site making four stops, and taking part in a reflective activity. Station 1: CAFOD - How would we feel being a refugee? How can we help those who are homeless? Station 2: Symbolism - What do all the symbols at this time of year represent. Stations 3: Story of faith - how our faith develops - here the children created their own paper cross whilst telling their own story and finally Station 4: Jesus' cross - prayer writing, a time for each child to think about their relationship with God.
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