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Autumn Term Gallery

Year 2

Using a variety of tones the children in year 2 created portraits of Florence Nightingale 

In Year 2 we have been learning about the colour wheel and colour mixing, these are our colour hue picture.


We could only use the 3 colours next to each other on the colour wheel to create an abstract picture.

The year 2 children have been creating prints based on animal prints.

Year 3

Autumn 2 - The pupils have been learning how to mix secondary hues and tines. They then used these skills to create a silhouette picture of sunrise and sunset at Stonehenge


Water colour techniques e.g wash of colour, allowing paints to bleed into each other  , creative use of paint brush.


The children explored art work based on creation

Year 4

History Link - Saxon - Sutton Hoo Helmets

Autumn 2 - Learning skills and techniques in using clay the pupils have made some Saxon Helmets to link with their history focus. 

Year 4 used a variety of techniques to build up their final piece.

Creation: The children explored art work based on creation.

Year 5

Year 5 have spent some of their term looking at observational drawings of the face as well as studying Vincent Van Gogh.

Year 6 

Sculpture - Figures in Action

Autumn 2 - the children have been looking at how to create figures in action by drawing techniques and making models in foil . They have looked at the artist Henry Moore's Shelter pictures as a starting point of figure drawing.

This term the children have been studying David Hockney and using his techniques with the theme of water.