Thank you to everyone who took part in our Time to Shine Day. The children really wore clothes that stood out and ensured they would be seen at night. The children have also designed some very informative Road Safety Awareness posters.

I am Miss Wise and I am very excited to be leading PSHE this year. I have planned lots of engaging visitors to come into school to teach us about some very important topics. They will be coming into school, teaching us key messages about staying safe. So far, these key issues will be addressed through school:
Road safety
E Safety
Water safety

PSHE is an important part of a child's education because it supports the development of their physically, emotionally and social healthy and reduces or removes barriers to learning, such as bullying and low self-esteem.

In line with the new National Curriculum, we plan and teach differentiated lessons in line with the Portsmouth programme of study. 

The curriculum is split into three areas and taught as follows:

Aut 1 - Health and wellbeing

Aut 2 - Relationships

Spr 1- Wider world

Spr 2 - Health and wellbeing

Sum 1 - Relationships

Sum 2 - Wider world

 These subheadings comprise-

Health and wellbeing-

Physical and emotional wellbeing, making decisions about your health, recognising and managing risky behaviour, emergency procedures and asking for help.

Relationships -

Being aware of different types of relationship, internet safety, consequences for negative behaviour, how our actions can affect others and recognising and stopping prejudice and stereotypes.

 Wider world -

Our rights and responsibilities, the role of money in different people's lives, enterprising skills, the role of a community, making decisions that affect other people and respecting other's points of view.

Children at St Pauls' enjoy PSHE because it teaches them real life skills to deal with the changing pressures of the modern world.

The School Council also comes under my remit. The chosen children will be meeting once a half term to discuss important matters arising. If your child has any ideas for how to improve the school in any way, we would love them to talk to a school council member about this.
Stay posted to find out who the Junior Road safety Officers will be in years 5 and 6