Design & Technology


Design and Technology is taught in 2 blocks throughout the school year and St-Pauls. One is in the Autumn Term and the second is in the Summer Term.

During the second half of the Autumn term the children of St. Paul’s celebrated a DT week in which their design, making and evaluating skills were challenged to their full potential. The children had the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products. The second half of the Summer term the children will be using their design and making skills to work on the following projects.

DT Progression of skills


Autumn Design and Techonolgy Projects Summer Deisgn and Technology Projects 

Year R – Christmas Decorations

Year 1 – Building Houses

Year 2 - Puppets

Year 3 – Photo Frames

Year 4- Money Containers

Year 5 – Moving Toys

Year 6- Christmas Stockings

Year R – Creating paper toys.

Year 1- Wacky Windmills

Year 2 – Vehicles

Year 3- Moving Monsters

Year 4 – Lighting it up

Year 5- Funky Furnishings.

Year 6- Fairgrounds

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