Music is celebrated at St Paul’s and it is an integral part of the school curriculum.  Each year group receives music lessons every week delivered by the school's Music Teacher. Each year group has a different instrumental or musical genre focus alongside key skill objectives taken from the national curriculum. At the end of each term every year group performs in front of parents and members of school to showcase skills and repertoire learnt alongside improving performance skills through these important experiences. The school also provides after school music clubs such as choirs for key stage one and two which are run by the school music teacher.  

The school has close connections with Portsmouth Music Hub. Throughout the year we are offered free opportunities to take part in numerous music events across Portsmouth. For example, watching live music performances at the Portsmouth Guildhall, ranging from the jazz and blues band ‘The Jive Aces’ to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. 


Progression of Skills Map

Year 1

This is the start of the children's musical learning, working on a variety of musical skills that will really provide the building blocks for an exciting musical journey all the way to Year 6, these skills include learning musical vocabulary such as Pulse, Rhythm, Tempo and Dynamics, how to hold and play a variety of classroom percussion and sing with a strong clear tone with some understanding of expression. 

Year 2 

In year two the children will continue to build on the skills secured in year one and start to create compositions that are linked with class topics. We will also look at starting to read basic notation as well as continuing to develop their ability to improvise in time with a steady pulse and with others playing different rhythms. As well music related to class topics, we also explore the sounds of Samba. The children will learn about the history of Samba, what rhythmic patterns are used and the correct techniques and names for all the Samba instruments. 

Year 3 

In year 3 the children are introduced to the Recorder and throughout the year will learn a wide range of notes, how to play them and how to read them from notation. The children will take part in a wide range of activities over the year that will enhance their technical abilities on the recorder and gain an understanding of the commitment and enjoyment that comes with learning a musical instrument. 

This exciting instalment of music is also accompanied by other learning objectives provided by the national curriculum. 

Year 4 

In year four we are continuing the theme of learning a traditional solo musical instrument and introduce the Flute. This builds on the skills learnt on the recorder.

The children will work towards creating a clear sound, to play with fluency from basic notation and playing from ear whilst continuing to follow key skills provided by the national curriculum in music. 

Year 5

In year five, the children now have the exciting opportunity of learning brass instruments. The children will be learning the cornet or baritone, which are popular instruments from brass bands. Musical notation reading skills will continue to be improved as they play together to form a brass ensemble, focussing on quality of sound and musicianship.   

We also look at different musical time zones, going back in history to learn about a variety of musical composers and what influence they have had on today’s modern music. 

Year 6 

Year 6 is a culmination of all of the children’s musical learning.  This exciting final module of music at St Paul's includes further research on musical composers and even creating their own musical scores in lessons. The children will deepen their musical understanding by applying their knowledge in different contexts and genres, using the different instruments that they have learnt throughout the years.