At St Paul's we want to create pupils who have a scientific mind, who want to find out how the world works and create a love of investigating.  We want to create memorable experiences through our Science for all of our pupils.

We make links to our Science through our Geography topic ‘Wonderful World’ and our History topic ‘Time Travellers’.

Science is taught every Friday morning across the school. We encourage children to ask questions of a scientific experiment and create their own questions to investigate. We are exploring different ways of recording and investigating.

Each year group will also carry out a longitudinal study across the year those investigations that take place over a long period of time spanning seasonal changes

Year 2 and Year 5 will experience a mobile planetarium in our school hall to explore  Earth and Space.

Year R, Year 2 and Year 3 will be visited by Zoolab and will experience a mini zoo in their classroom to explore adaptation, life cycles and habitats.

Year 4 experience a two day residential at the Sustainability centre and Year 6 experience a week long residential at Kingswood in the Isle of Wight.



Science long lerm plan 2018-2019
Science progression of skills
Websites to help with Scientific Learning