Life at School

Life at School

This page will be updated daily, with all the activities that are happening at school for those children who are in school. There will be a new theme each day, which all activities will be based around.  All subjects will be taught through the theme of the day, making links throughout the learning. 

Day Five - Disney 

Another amazing day today- How could it not be when it is Disney day? We had a lot of fun and made a lot of mess making evil or kind slime. We then had a special cooking session with Jo St. Paul’s amazing cook where we made Disney biscuits- delicious! We enjoyed Disney bingo whilst wearing homemade masks and finally  we finished by making exploding snow... how fun! What a brilliant first week. Have a restful and safe weekend.

Day Four - Space

Today, the children had much fun. We started off with some tough exercise, following Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel. Next, we went out, split into two teams and played Rounders. After that, we had a look at the NASA website, and talked about satellites which was our introduction for the DT activity ‘Make your own satellite’ (see pictures). Next, it was time for cooking. As there were lots of bananas left over, we baked amazing banana-bread cup cakes (space decorated). Later on, have had a chance to do PHSE, watching an interview to Christina Koch; we then discussed about similarities between people in space, who are far from their loved ones, and people self-isolating for the Coronavirus today. Finally, we finished the day thanking God with a collective worship. 

Day Three - Minibeasts

It was mini-beast day today! We have had so much fun- have you all had fun at home too? We hope so! Our day consisted of:
-Joe Wicks’ PE
- making our own pizzas with ‘mini-beast’ toppings
-mini-beast maths that tested our number and symmetry skills
-mini-beast hunt (Miss Field was pleasantly surprised to see even the older children having so much fun with this!)
-making our own spider webs that taught us how and why spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs

All of those at are at home are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep safe!


Day Two - Adventure

Another successful day at Saint Paul’s. Today was adventure day and boy were we adventurous!  From human pyramids to treasure hunts it’s was sure a fun filled day! We also sat down and reflected on the current situations and prayed to those people who are alone. We have written them cards to cheer them up. 

Day One - Fantasy 


What a lovely first day in school we have had! We all participated in an active PE morning which included taking part in Joe Wicks’ online session and a game of rounders on the playground. Then, we created ‘lava lamps’ in Science and in the afternoon made fairy cakes and BFG inspired dreamcatchers. Despite the current situation, we still had lots of fun and laughter all together. We miss you all at home, keep safe!








Day Six - Around the World - Different Countries / Eurovision

Day Seven - Everyday Heroes

Day Eight - Charity

Day Nine - Inventors

Day Ten - Easter