Life at School

Life at School

This page will be updated daily, with all the activities that are happening at school for those children who are in school. There will be a new theme each day, which all activities will be based around.  All subjects will be taught through the theme of the day, making links throughout the learning. 

22/5/20 Film Day 

Today was film day. In the morning we danced with Jumpstart Johnny. Then, we watched a film called 'Madagascar.' For our snack, we made plain scones - it was yummy! In the afternoon, we made a lava lamp, kinetic sand and snow fluff - it was so much fun! We then had a talent show - we had a comedy act, a football act and even a singing one! It was so much fun!

21/5/20 Weather Day 

We had a lovely day enjoying the nice weather. We started our day with a 'Just Dance' exercise. We started our theme day by talking about different types of weather. Miss Castro gave us 3 mins to think of as many types of weather as we can. After that, we talked about the types of weather we rarely/never get in the UK and watched some clips on Youtube. After break, we had a go at making our own weather mobile using oil pastels and watercolours. We completed these after lunch. In the afternoon, we had a session dedicated to the Solemnity of the Ascension and had some time to play PE games on the field. 

20/5/20 Chocolate Day 

Chocolate day! What a great theme we had? Not only did the day consist of testing out different chocolates, we wrote poems, conducted a science experiment, played sport games and more. The wrappers that we created were for a chocolate bar we invented. There were prizes for the best looking wrapper and most effort. The winners were super pleased to win water guns!

19/5/20 Kings and Queens 

Today we began by practicing our running and coordination skills. We had a few relay races on the playground and played the one, two, three game (where each number represented an action we had to do as we ran around). Our main theme for the day was Kings and Queens. Our second lesson, after P.E, was art where we had to design a crown for a king or queen. After play, we researched the Royal Family to find out lots of interesting facts about them. After lunch we discussed what we would change if we were King or Queen for a day; a lot of us wanted to help other people by giving to charity, paying for other people or helping animals. We finished with a music session and a sing along to songs about kings and Queens. 

18/5/20 Harry Potter Day 2

Today we started our day by following Jump Start Jonny and creating our own dance moves. After this we spent the day creating many new Harry Potter crafts including: pom pom spiders, broomstick bookmarks, flying keys and magical wands. We also designed our own House rosettes as well as our own magical potion instructions. A great day for all finished with making fruit kebabs and strawberry lace breadstick wands.  

15/5/20 Harry Potter Day 1 

Today we started our day by waking up both our bodies and brains by following Jump Start Jonny workout. After this Mrs Biddlecombe led us in our daily worship where we looked at those people who have influenced our lives.

Today was a magical day, looking at the different subjects within Harry Potter, the children first created their own magical houses thinking about which animals represented their personalities. The children also made their very own magical wands. After lunch the children took part in creating some wonderful magical afternoon tea cooking: cheese broomsticks, edible wands and snake biscuits.

A fantastic day was had by all and the wizardry continues on Monday with Harry Potter Part 2.

14/5/20 Community Day 

Today we started our day by waking up both our bodies and brains by following Jo Wicks in his morning workout. We also participated in the Hampshire school Games by practising some of our tennis skills.  Today’s theme was community and we thought about our local area and who we might see on our daily walks.  We also thought about the different communities we belong to such as our home, our street, our city and our place in the world.

Later on we thought about how we can remind our community to stay safe and thank the doctors and nurse who help us.  We decided to make posters which we could attach to the school entrance.

After lunch, we took care of our school community by planting pots and using them to decorate the school.

13/5/20 Colour Day

We started our morning off with working out with Joe Wicks. We then learned and talked about our focus artist who is Kadinsky. We found out that he uses shapes and colours to create his ‘abstract’ art.

Afterwards, we used the three primary colours to make different colours and shades. For example, we found that red and blue makes green. We also found that red and blue makes purple but if we add more red, it makes more of a reddish purple.

We then used our knowledge of mixing different colours and shades to re-create Kadinsky’s painting called ‘Squares with Concentric Rings.’ We learned that Kadinsky used music to inspire him so we listened to music and made our own Kadinsky-inspired art! It was great fun.

We ended our day with baking biscuits and yoga. Have a look at our great pieces of work!


12/5/20 Recycling Day

Today our theme was recycling and we have had a very busy day! First, we started our morning with some Jumpstart Johnny and then Miss Young led a yoga class for us. We then read a story about recycling and we learnt about what recycling is, what we can recycle and what happens to the things we can recycle. We completed a recycling sorting activity and this helped us to think about all the things we can recycle both at home and at school. After a break in the sunshine, we completed an athletic challenge and all challenged each other to see how quickly we could run! After lunch, we learnt about the plastic in the oceans and what we can do to help. We designed some recycling posters that we can put up in our school community telling people to recycle. We then had some more time in the sunshine before getting ready for home.

11/5/20 Ramadan

We had a great day today learning all about Ramadan which is celebrated by Muslim people. We started the day off with Joe Wicks which we all enjoyed. We then watched a short video about Ramadan and talked about what Muslim people do during this time. It was great to hear that many pupils knew about the Islamic faith already as they had studied this in our other faiths weeks. We talked about the idea of fasting and why this is so important during this time. The children enjoyed drawing Islamic patterns and drawing pictures. We made a class paper chain, each child wrote a good deed that they are going to do over the next few weeks similar to the good deeds that Muslim people do during Ramadan. The children had some lovely ideas! We then linked these chains together to try and make it as long as possible, filed with all their good intentions. 
We also took part in the Hampshire Games activities in the afternoon, seeing how many times we could jump side to side over an object. The children were quite competitive! 
We ended the day by spending some time listening to the stories that the adults in school have created on our school website. The children loved this! A great day was had by all. 

7/5/20 VE DAY 

We started the day off with Joe Wicks as usual. We then spent some talking about what we know about VE day before watching some videos showing the event 75 years ago. It was interesting to see the different clothes people were wearing and how they celebrated such  an important event. After this the children had a choice of a variety of activities, making flags, designing their own posters and making a class handprint which we put into the number 75. We all enjoyed putting our hands in the paint and having some fun with this! Mrs Bass made biscuits with the children, they helped to weigh out the ingredients. Once cooked they decorated them with red, white and blue colours and they enjoyed eating them in the sunshine in the afternoon. Some children also designed their own moving VE day image on the I Pads which was a great challenge for them.

6/5/20 Pets

Today our theme was all about pets. To begin with we started with maths. We collected data on who has pets: what pets they have and also recorded if people had no pets. We put this data on tally charts and then went outside and drew a pictogram to show our data. After play time, we created paper plate pets with lots of different techniques: colour, collage and cutting. We were extremely creative and enjoyed choosing different pets to make. After lunch, took part in some pet yoga and then created some music to represent different pets.

5/5/20 The Queen's Birthday

Queen’s birthday theme day

We started the day with Joe Wicks and then started to find finding out about the queen. We used the iPads to find facts about the queen and created designs for a birthday cake. We created some birthday cards for her and made our own family tree of the royal family. We had great fun making scones and cucumber sandwiches to then have an afternoon tea in the afternoon. Our most interesting fact about the queen is she likes to go out in disguise walking her dogs!

4/5/20 Spring Has Arrived

We started our day with some exercise, first doing the Hampshire Games alphabet warm up using our names to pick out which letters we would do. Next we carried out the football challenge they set us – amazingly we score over 100 points for our school! The children then choose to do two Jumpstart Johnny video.

Today was all about spring and how it has officially arrived. First we took part in a Spring Treasure Hunt, where we all went out around the school looking for symbols of spring.  We looked at flowers and how what they are made and started a science experiment by leaving the flowers in food colouring overnight. We predicted that the petal colour would change, but only time will tell.

In the afternoon we made fluffy sheep rice crispy cakes and our own painted daffodils. It was a fun packed day.

1/5/20 Rainforest/VE Day 

We started our day with some exercise. We really enjoyed dancing with Jumpstart Johnny!

In the morning, our theme was all about VE (Victory in Europe Day). We created a picture to celebrate this event. We also created some bunting to go outside the main office!

In the afternoon, our theme was all about the rainforest! We watched a documentary about the animals that live in the Gabon rainforest. Afterwards, we created rainforest animals using biscuit dough! Then, we created fact files about different rainforest animals. We had a lot of fun!

30/4/20 Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore

Today the children were very excited as it was Captain Tom Moore's 100th birthday. We started the day with a Just Dance party and we danced for nearly 30 minutes! Mrs Biddlecombe then led a beautiful liturgy and we learnt about how we can recognise Jesus in everyone of us even when times are tricky. During our playtime, we decorated the playground with chalk. 

After some fresh air, we learnt about Captain Tom Moore and how amazing he is and what he has done. We spoke about how we can be like him in our own lives.  To help him celebrate, we made him a huge birthday banner and some cards. We worked as a brilliant team. After lunch, we listened to a special message from a nurse at QA  who asked us to make some special posters for Queen Alexandra Hospital waiting rooms - we can't wait to see the pictures of these when they go up tomorrow. Towards the end of the day, we spent time looking at the home learning on ipads and playing some maths games. 

29/4/20 - Knights and Dragons

Today we all had such a great and exciting day. We started off doing P.E with Joe, as always. Our focus for the rest of the day was 'Knights and Dragons'. We began with back to back art and DT. During this session, we made dragon fortune tellers and then designed shields with our own coats of arms on them. We had so much fun playing with the fortune tellers and deciding on what we should add to our shields to scare or impress our enemies. After play we had PSHE where we discussed the roles of a castle and decided who is the least important and therefore should be fed to the dragon! We completed an assault course to save the princess. As the weather was bad, we did this in the classroom by moving around the furniture. After lunch we made some super yummy dragon poo (chocolate tiffin) that we all really enjoyed.

28/4/20 -Dinosaur Day

Today’s theme was dinosaurs. After our morning exercise with Joe Wicks, we discussed everything we knew about dinosaurs. We talked about how dinosaurs were extinct and how they laid eggs. During our first session, we created dinosaur eggs from paper mache. We talked about how dinosaur eggs were different shapes and sizes. After break, Miss Castro read us a story titled, ‘How to grow a dinosaur’. We shared our ideas on how we would grow our own dinosaurs. Some of us used special dinosaur seeds and others thought about dinosaur features like ‘sharp teeth’ and ‘deafening roars’. We created our own instruction booklet using dinosaur fact books to help us with our illustrations. Our dinosaur eggs had dried once we came back from lunch, so we were able to paint them in bright eye-catching colours. For ICT, we played a game called ‘Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure Game’ where we had to identify as many dinosaurs as we can. At the end of the day, we learnt a dinosaur song by Nick Cope and watched an episode of ‘Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure’.

27/4/20 -Cars

Today was cars day at St Pauls. After a PE workout with Joe Wicks we completed a mountain climber challenge – the top score was 136 mountain climbers in one minute. What an impressive feat!

Next, we revealed the theme of the day as cars and started off by labelling and decorating cars.  We then learned the most expensive Hot Wheel car was made of gold so we decided to design our own special car.  Some went underwater, some could fly and one was driven by an app and could shrink so small it would fit in a handbag – no more finding a parking space, phew.

After lunch, we listened to “Short Ride in a Fast Machine” by John Adams and composed our own rhythms based upon what we had heard.  We then constructed our own cars and had races to see which would go the furthest.  What a busy day!

24/4/20 - Time Travel Day

We started off the day by working out with Jumpstart Johnny. We did two challenges where we had to complete as many press-ups and high knees in 1 minute! Jamie was the only able to do 10 press-ups!

Then, we answered the following question: Is time travelling possible? We found that it was possible but only to go forwards in time. We decided to design our own time machine. Mrs Gissing’s and Jacob’s time machine was inspired by Mrs Gissing’s favourite show, Doctor Who!

We also talked about what we wanted to do after lockdown and we decided that we wanted to have a party! We talked about what food we wanted to have in our post-lockdown party. We decided to try to make two of those food: flapjacks and biscuits! They were so yummy! Thank you Mrs Bass for the recipes.

Afterwards, we completed the ‘Time Capsule’ activity and also did some home learning that was set up for us by our teachers!

23/4/20 - Pirates Day

Pirates day today at St Paul’s! As usual, we started off being active; we picked a video from Jump Start Jonny’s YouTube channel. We had a lot of fun! Then, we introduced the theme of the day. First, each child made a pirate ship flag. After that, we went out and enjoyed the lovely sunshine for a break. Next, we made our own pirate hats and pirate eye patches. Before going to lunch, we watched a bit of the Treasure Island story.

In the afternoon, we created our own pirate ships out of milk cartons or plastic bottles. We then made cheese and apple pirate ships. In the last part of the day, the children could use an I-Pad to check the home learning opportunities their teacher had posted on our website. To sum it up, another funny day together!

22/4/20 - Superhero Day

Superhero Day!!! Another great day at school. We started the morning with the mission of reinventing ourselves as Superheroes. We made capes and eye makes. Then we had to find the toy animals that needed us around the school. After that, it was time to create our own superhero electronically using the computers. Our fun afternoon consisted of making Superhero foods, writing our own comic strips and reading.

21/4/20 - Oceans

Ocean Day – Monday 21st April, 2020

Today, our theme is all about the ocean!

We started off our day with Jumpstart Johnny where we danced to really popular songs such as Gangnam Style and Kung Fu Fighting. Then, we made sandwiches in shapes of stars! We had a selection of fillings: jam, cheese spread and cheese slices. It was really yummy!

After break, we used egg cartons to make sea creatures or a coral reef. We had lots of fun doing this – even though it was quite messy to do!

During the afternoon, we used the Ipads to do some of the learning that our teachers set for us on the school’s website. Afterwards, we read and watched ‘Rainbow Fish.’ We discussed the story and the lesson it was trying to teach us. We talked about how kindness is important during this difficult time and how we can show this to our neighbours. We decided to make a card for our neighbours to remind them that we are thinking about them!

Before home time, we had a choice of different ocean themed activities: counting, word search and colouring. We had a whale-y fun day! 

20/4/20 - Lego 

Hello everyone,

at long last, we are back at school. First of all, we have started getting active with PE with Joe. After 20 minutes, we played together a board game from Hampshire School games. After that, we introduced the topic of the day: LEGO.

After break, the children split into groups and used the LEGO to build different constructions. The groups then presented their constructions and explained their ideas. After lunch, we read together a short history of LEGO, to understand where it all comes from. We learnt it was invented by a man called Ole Kristianses in Denmark in the ‘30s. Did you know that nowadays 36,000 LEGO bricks are built every minute?!

Next, we have been baking fantastic LEGO shortbread. Everyone did their part really well. Lastly, we have done some messy LEGO painting. All in all, a nice first day back. Keep it up, St Paul’s!


Day Ten - Easter  

Today was full of fun and exciting Easter themed activities! After our daily workout session with Joe Wicks we went on an egg hut! It was eggcellent! Once all the eggs had been collected we used our maths skills to share them out equally between us. When we came in from break we made Easter bonnets and egg baskets for our eggs found on the hunt. After Lunch we made chocolate nests and Easter bunnies from shredded wheat and chocolate... yum! Next, we completed an egg and spoon race, bunny hop race and a leap bunny relay! The winner received their own Easter egg. For our final activity of the day we made Easter cards for our wonderful families

Day Nine - Inventors

Today we were inventors! We invented our very own smoothies...turns out apple is a tricky fruit to blend! We also decided which inventions that help make our everyday life easier where the best - we decided that TV was the best invention. Especially at the moment... We then designed our very own invention, and made it out of junk modelling. We also enjoyed lots of time outside inventing our very own games too.

Day Eight - Charity

Today we took part in lots of really fun activities. After our daily P.E with Joe, we discussed kindness: what it is, why it is important, how we show it and where we see it. We shared our ideas about how we can show kindness in our lives, with one another, and how this can make others happy. Then, we really enjoyed creating some posters which showed all our amazing ideas. These had a mixture of pictures, that are ‘kindness,’ hands that represent giving and a few prayers about kindness. In the afternoon, we spent some time drawing pictures for NHS Nightingale to help spread happiness with the poorly people who will be looked after there.  We also baked lots of yummy vanilla cupcakes that were so Amazing!!

Day Seven - Everyday Heroes

To begin the day we had our energetic daily workout with Joe Wicks. The rest of the day was spent exploring 'everyday heroes'. At first we discussed what we thought an 'everyday hero' was by considering personal skills, achievements and qualities.  We explored what an 'everyday hero' might look like and wear by drawing on the playground in chalk and moulding figures from playdoh. In English we created a fact file poster about someone we know and who we think is an 'everyday hero'. After lunch we used ipads and post it notes to research an 'everyday hero' we didn't know about. We also used our cooking skills to make a yummy pizza to look just like our 'everyday heroes'! In PSHE we discussed what a hero could or couldn't be and then created mind maps around a fire fighter, police officer and a soldier with the attributes we think they have. 

Day Six - Around the World - Different Countries / Eurovision

Today's theme was 'Around the World'. After our daily P.E session with Joe Wicks, we looked at different types of flags and designed our own  for St. Pauls. We worked in groups to research facts about our chosen countries and create factfiles, which we had to present to the rest of the children. We learnt what national anthems are and we had a go at singing 'God save the Queen' After lunch, we created our own tapas inspired by Spanish cuisine. For Art, we painted rainbows as a symbol of hope and positivity. We discussed how important it is to spread love and so we wrote 'love' in 10 different languages around the rainbow. To finish off our day, we coloured and assembled a 3D globe made out of cardboard.

Day Five - Disney 

Another amazing day today- How could it not be when it is Disney day? We had a lot of fun and made a lot of mess making evil or kind slime. We then had a special cooking session with Jo St. Paul’s amazing cook where we made Disney biscuits- delicious! We enjoyed Disney bingo whilst wearing homemade masks and finally  we finished by making exploding snow... how fun! What a brilliant first week. Have a restful and safe weekend.

Day Four - Space

Today, the children had much fun. We started off with some tough exercise, following Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel. Next, we went out, split into two teams and played Rounders. After that, we had a look at the NASA website, and talked about satellites which was our introduction for the DT activity ‘Make your own satellite’ (see pictures). Next, it was time for cooking. As there were lots of bananas left over, we baked amazing banana-bread cup cakes (space decorated). Later on, have had a chance to do PHSE, watching an interview to Christina Koch; we then discussed about similarities between people in space, who are far from their loved ones, and people self-isolating for the Coronavirus today. Finally, we finished the day thanking God with a collective worship. 

Day Three - Minibeasts

It was mini-beast day today! We have had so much fun- have you all had fun at home too? We hope so! Our day consisted of:
-Joe Wicks’ PE
- making our own pizzas with ‘mini-beast’ toppings
-mini-beast maths that tested our number and symmetry skills
-mini-beast hunt (Miss Field was pleasantly surprised to see even the older children having so much fun with this!)
-making our own spider webs that taught us how and why spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs

All of those at are at home are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep safe!


Day Two - Adventure

Another successful day at Saint Paul’s. Today was adventure day and boy were we adventurous!  From human pyramids to treasure hunts it’s was sure a fun filled day! We also sat down and reflected on the current situations and prayed to those people who are alone. We have written them cards to cheer them up. 

Day One - Fantasy 


What a lovely first day in school we have had! We all participated in an active PE morning which included taking part in Joe Wicks’ online session and a game of rounders on the playground. Then, we created ‘lava lamps’ in Science and in the afternoon made fairy cakes and BFG inspired dreamcatchers. Despite the current situation, we still had lots of fun and laughter all together. We miss you all at home, keep safe!