Well-being Resources

Well Being Resources 

An example Sleep Timetable 

An example Home Learning Timetable

Back to School Leaflet for KS1

Back to School Leaflet for KS2 


Wellbeing Spotlight

Some amazing well being home learning challenges.

You can find lots more free ELSA resoruces to support a variety of wellbeing needs at 

Elsa - support  Click here 



Empathy Lab Empathy Day on 9th June - Family Activity Pack 





A healthy body helps a healthy mind! Find lots of tips on the Change4Life website including lots of fun indoor games to do at home!


Childline have developed some wonderful games and activities to help families deal with the ongoing challenges we are facing. Hopefully some of these may help your children (and you!) feel some "calm" amongst the chaos.


Amazing new book - Everybody Worries 

Looking after children during Covid19 outbreak 

PSHE Association Resource -Handpicked by our PSHE lead Mrs Jamieson 

Mental Health Home Learning Year 1-2  PPT


Resource1 - Activities for health

Resource 1A - Feelins match up guide

Resource 1 - Feelings match up 

Resource 1 - Feelings vocab cards

Resources 2 - Helpful for Mental Health List

Resouce 2 - Body Outline 

Mental Health Home Learning Year 3-4 PPT
Mental Health Home Learning Year 5-6 PPT

Children will be aware about the Virus and changes to their routine to some extent, no matter what you have directly told them. The advice being given is to talk to them about what is happening, to give them space to talk about their worries and think about strategies that might help them. It is important they come up with these helpful strategies themselves (with some choices or prompting from you!). Remember it is OK not to have the answers and to say this to children! So this week's spotlight resource is this link to Newsround's Q and A to get the conversation started! There are more resources to have a look at uploaded on this page too, so have a look, and each week I will be adding a new spotlight link to explore!

5+ Click below                                                        Under 5 Click below 



Great Picture book exploring the virus 

Materials to support Children understanding what is happening


Emotional Rollercoaster Worksheet                       Explaining Coronovirus - KS1 / KS2

Getting a Good Night's Sleep                                Let's Feel Better Activity

Conversation Game                                             Visual Timetable

Calming Down Prompt                                         How Do You Feel Today

Managing Anxiety                                               What Would You Do If?

Understanding Emotions                                      Mindful Minute Brainbreak Cards

What Makes Me Happy                                        Worry Dolls Guidance 

Resilience Flash Cards                                         Resilience Flash Cards - Guidance