God Who Speaks


February 2020

The children of St Paul's created a class poster based on their class scripture. These are on display in St Paul's Church.


Bible Word of the Week  

Teleios (τέλειος) - 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) = means perfect 

What does it mean for us? 

  1. First, God has a plan for us God’s plan was foretold in the Scriptures, and accomplished through Christ’s life, death and resurrection. The purpose of that plan is to bring us to the telos, the goal of being with God in His heavenly kingdom.

  2. Second, perfection can only be found in Christ Jesus has already accomplished (tetelestai) the Father’s plan. It is His grace we seek, His work that will be fulfilled in us, and His power that will be most perfect in our weakness.

  3. Finally, we must play our part in the process We must strive to be mature, to run the race and keep going to the end – but we must also understand that it is a process that in this life, does not end. Rather, we must be content to allow, in Pope Francis’s words, “time” (by which he means the process), to be greater than “space”, which he regards as the desire to crystallise a particular state, leaving no room for continued growth (Evangelii Gaudium, 222-223). Always, our goal is to grow to be more like Christ. He isthe purpose, the goal, the standard and the means of perfection. As Jesus says in Rev 21:6 and also in Rev 22:13, He is the beginning and the end – He is the telos

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