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RWI Home Reading Books

RWI Home Reading Books

    KS1 Home Reading Books

 Your child will soon be bringing home three reading books. 


Book 1 is a paper copy of the decodable book they have been reading in their reading lessons.  Your child should be able to read this to you independently, using their reading skills learnt at school.  Please DO NOT let them write their name on the front of the book, it is a school copy. Return this book to school daily

Book 2 is a story or non-fiction book matched closely to the sounds they have been learning in phonics.  This will be the first time they have read this book although they should be able to decode independently. Return this book to school daily.

Book 3 (signalled by a red love heart sticker on the inside first page) is a reading book for pleasure; this book may be tricky to read but we hope you enjoy and read together as a family.  Return to school once you have read the whole book at home – you may even want to re-read this book so that your child can comprehend what has happened.