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Summer Term

Year 6 : Sunflower clay tiles. Developing skills in rolling clay tiles and joining with cross hatch and slip.

Year 1 Have been finding out about the Artist Paul Klee. They learnt about one of his paintings 'Cat and the Bird'. Here are some of their own 'Cat and the bird' pictures.

Year 3 - have enjoyed making some 3D portrait pictures in the style of Picasso.

Year 5 - Collage work. The Theme is Window of hope : dream trees Mixed Media : Paint , Pastel and Collage

Year 6 - Clay work Learning skills in slabbing , rolling cutting and joining clay.

Year 3 Picasso Faces

Year 4 Portraits of the month of Mary. For Year 4 have been learning how to draw faces. After looking at some artists' work, they then drew and painted a picture of Mary.

Sunflowers - Year 4 have been working on a project by the Portsmouth Arts network It is called 'Windows of Hope ' Sunflowers are a universal symbol of hope, so we used this as the basis of the artwork for this term

Early Years - Here is a collaborative print by Year R : A view from a window

Year 3 - Roman Mosaics

Year 3 'Window of hope' Portsmouth art exhibition Children in year 3 have been creating a garden picture in which abstract forms capture the beauty in gardens, the flowers representing hope. Some of this work will be exhibited in Portsmouth Virtual Art Gallery this summer.

Year 5 Cross Curricular Art/RE - Christ is Risen

Year 6 Art - Mixed media Easter collage