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At St Paul’s we believe Art and Design gives all pupils the opportunity to express themselves through creativity and imagination. Pupils learn to explore and generate ideas, acquire skills and apply judgement through a hands on exploratory approach. Pupils develop their knowledge and understanding as well as their skills through different links across the curriculum. Pupils learn about the world of art, including artists, designers and crafts people from different times and cultures. Art and Design is taught through 6 units: drawing, painting, printing, clay, textiles and 3D form. Each unit comprises of 4 objectives: generating ideas, making, evaluating and knowledge. This allows the children to build and develop not only a wide set of art skills but be inspired by great artists, gain an understanding of technical processes as well as the skills to evaluate their own work in a holistic approach. At St Paul’s we aim to provide the children with opportunities to:


  • Investigate and research great artists and inspiring art
  • Experiment and work with a wide range of media
  • Explore and develop their own ideas and justify their decisions
  • Evaluate and develop their own work
  • Link Art with other areas of the curriculum
  • Understand and use the language of Art and Design
  • Work independently and collaboratively on a range of different projects
  • Investigate Art and Design throughout history in various genres, styles, time periods, cultures and traditions
  • Investigate Art and Design within the locality
  • Establish and develop a wide set of skills and knowledge of Art and Design
  • Foster an enjoyment and appreciation of Art and a knowledge of artists, crafts people and designer


Saint Paul's Primary School believes in, and values the importance in developing creativity of all individuals and recognises the benefits that this has on pupils well being and future life skills. Because of this we have invested in an Artist in residence who is employed as a member of staff working with children from Year 1 to Year 6.