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St Paul’s PSHE Curriculum

Our intent at St Paul’s is for our pupils to be happy, healthy and safe.  Our vision is to equip our students for life as an adult in British Society; taught sensitively and inclusively to respect the backgrounds of our pupils and their parents and with the knowledge of the law.


 Our PSHE curriculum is a working project, being shaped according to the needs of our pupils and a reflection of our Catholic context.  Through this curriculum we give our pupils the ability to achieve their goals, even when uncertain and to recover from knocks and challenging periods of their lives.  We aim for our PSHE to be a ‘preventative’ education giving children the skills to tackle any problems they may face in later life. 


 From EY to Year 6, our pupils develop the virtues: forgiveness, honesty, care, respect, justice, fairness and self-giving.  Our PSHE curriculum combines the new statutory RSE framework coming into place September 2021.  Please see our RSE policy for more information. 


At St Paul's Catholic Primary School, PSHE is a priority and it is taught for at least 1 hour per week.