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St Paul’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery was graded by Ofsted as a good school in July 2018. Located in the centre of Paulsgrove, within a close knit community, the school’s vision is to provide an outstanding education for all and to aspire, believe, and succeed. This is underpinned by the school’s mission statement ‘Do Everything with Love’ which reflects the values and ethos of both the school and school community.

Throughout their time and experience at St Paul’s children become knowledgeable across each of the subject areas through rich and varied curricular provision, which is personalised to their needs. Dedicated staff aim to ensure that all children will become fluent readers, with a love of literacy and able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.  They will also develop an excellent understanding of mathematics. As well as this, St Paul’s excellent provision enables pupils to have a highly developed social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness. Children are encouraged to have high aspirations, to believe in themselves as learners and in doing so be successful at every stage of their education and beyond. The school achieves this through their mission statement and staff pride themselves on the caring and nurturing environment they offer to all.

The children are at the heart of everything that the school and staff do. Teachers recognise that children do not get a second chance at making a good start to their school life and it is their responsibility to provide the best that is possible. As such, staff share and embrace a collective responsibility to ensure that both the children and staff develop a love of learning and are challenged and encouraged to have high expectations of themselves and others.


The curriculum at St Paul’s firmly underpins both the vision and mission statement, from which a culture and ethos is generated that supports the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the whole school community. In the daily living of their Catholic faith, staff aim to ensure that Religious Education and spiritual development permeates every aspect of the curriculum so that it is explicit and implicit within the community. Rooted in prayer and lived out in the daily life of the school, pupils and staff are supported to grow in faith and deepen their relationships with God and each other.


The school provides an inclusive community where everyone is valued for their own individual talents and personality. Staff work exceptionally hard to offer all children a strong spiritual and moral base, a rich, exciting and challenging curriculum and a stimulating learning environment, enabling them to reach their full potential. The school has forged extremely strong links between home, school, the local parish and the wider community and strive to maintain and strengthen these in as many ways as possible. Working together, staff achieve great things for the children and school community and certainly do ‘Everything with Love’.


Please come and visit our school to see for yourself why you would want your children to be part of St Paul's Catholic Primary School and Nursery 


Mrs Z Killick Headteacher

St Paul's Catholic Primary School and Nursery

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