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Spring 1

As part of learning about how to play our part looking after our planet, we have been learning about the Polar areas on Earth. The children handled a globe to look at where can they see snow. We read information books about polar animals and and in our small world we looked at them closer to describe them . “The penguin has a red bill.” “The walrus has long tusk and a fat belly.” All week had lots of ice around the classroom so the children had a good feel what is it like and explore what happens when we leave it out all day. We conducted our science experiment to see if adding other materials like salt, sugar and sand makes a different to the ice when it melts. Come and ask us about what we have found out!

As a finale to our We all matter topic, we are reading Greta and the Giants by Zoe Tucker. We have been learning about Greta Thunberg who, despite being a young person , already achieved great things. We made our own posters to help to save the planet then marched around to protest against deforestation. This week we focused on the jungle and the rainforests. We learned about different animals who live there and how we need to look at products carefully before we shop so we can protect animals habitats. We used animals to solve number problems ,we had jungle slime and in the outside area the children washed the animals clean as part of their hand-gym activity. We made an obstacle course to pretend we are in the jungle and wrote instructions how to travel around. Save our planet because we ALL MATTER!

Chinese New Year! Happy Chinese New Year! This week Reception celebrated Chinese New Year. Matt Goodfellow’s story called Shu Lin’s Grandpa helped us to explore the story of Chinese New Year and inspired us to use strokes in our painting. We have tasted noodles using chopsticks, wrote about the scary dragon, designed dragon head bands and created our dragon dance. It is amazing to explore different cultures and festivities because We All Matter!