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Online Safety

A Whole School Approach to Online Safety


At St Paul’s we continue to create a culture that incorporates the principles of online safety across all aspects of school life. 


At St Paul’s, we proactively engage staff, pupils and parents/carers in activities that promote the principles of online safety and safe behaviours online.


Safe behaviours online include:

How to evaluate what they see online.

How to recognise techniques used to persuade.

Acceptable and unacceptable online behaviours.

How to identify online risks.

How and when to seek help and support. 


At St Paul’s we continually review and maintain the online safety principles to ensure they are relevant to the pupils of St Paul’s.


At St Paul’s we embed the online safety principles by:

  • Using the principles throughout all curriculum subjects
  • Reinforcing what is taught in online safety lessons throughout the school
  • Taking appropriate and consistent action with regards to unacceptable online behaviours


At St Paul’s we model the online safety principles consistently across the school.


At St Paul’s we support parents/carers with online safety, so everyone is able to use the online safety principles.


We recognise that the majority of children's online use will happen at home and the following ideas are to help you at home keep your child safe.

  • Set boundaries in the online world - timings, sites and spend limits
  • Talk to your child about what they are doing online, be interested
  • Keep devices and equipment in family spaces.
  • Set parental controls on devices that link to the internet. (Please make an appointment with Mrs Sawdy our Online Line Safety lead if you need support with this)
  • Take notice of age restrictions - they are designed to protect young and impressionable minds.
  • Show your child how you are responsible user of devices and apps