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Film Ratings

Rating What this means 

Age 4+
The U stands for universal and is applied to movies suitable for most ages. These movies should be positive in tone and should make clear differences between right and wrong. There should be no dangerous behaviour that children can copy and, at most, there may be occasional very mild bad language. 

Age 8+ 
PG stands for parental guidance and these movies can be a little more complicated or intense than a U rated film. PG films might include some heavier topics, such as racism or bullying, but not in a way that condones such behaviour. Any bad language is mild, and there may be mild innuendo and references to sex. 

Age 12+  

The 12A rating only applies to films shown in cinemas. This means a child under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a grown-up.

The 12 rating is used for DVDs and video-on-demand and cannot be sold or rented to anyone under the age of 12. Weapons and bad behaviour may be included in these movies but should not be shown as attractive and should not be glamorised. Moderate bad language, and sometimes strong language depending on the context, may be used. Sex scenes should be short and discreet. 

Age 15+ 

This rating reflects the fact that although teens are often aware of many adult topics, there is still some content that is too 'mature' and may be unsuitable. Behaviour such as suicide and self harm may be included but not in great detail. Use of illegal drugs may be shown but should not be promoted, and strong language is permissable. Sex scenes may be included but not excessively or explicitly. Strong violence is allowed but it cannot dwell on 'inflicting pain or injury'.

Age 18+ 

This rating signals that a movie's content may be very graphic and should not be watched by anyone under the age of 18. The film may include very strong language, explicit sex scenes and strong violence. The BBFC only request limitations on the content if is a risk to adults or society or the content is illegal in any way.