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Set 3

Set 3 Speed Sound cards

a-e: make a cake

ai: snail in the rain

ea: cup of tea

e: he me we she be

i-e: nice smile

o-e: phone home

ao: goat in a boat

u-e: huge brute

ew: chew the stew





aw: yawn at dawn


are: share and care


ur: nurse for a purse

er: a better letter

ow: brown cow


oi: spoil the boy


ire: fire fire!


ear: hear with your ear


ure: sure it’s pure?


Step 3:

Children will continue to be introduced to RWI books starting with Ditty moving through to grey books when they successfully begin to read single words. The short vowels should be kept short and sharp:

Children use sound-blending (Fred Talk) to read short ditties. They will bring these home once they have read and discussed the book in class. Children will then be challenged to use their developing phonic knowledge to write short sentences.

Within all the books children will have red and green words to learn to help them to become speedy readers. Red words are words that are not easily decodable and challenge words to extend children’s vocabulary. Green words are linked to the sounds they have been learning and are easily decodable.


Dots and dashes represent the sound each letter makes.

Once your child has been introduced and taught these words in school we will send them home for you to continue practising with your child.