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Who's Who 


Mrs Mulgrew - Early Years Leader

Hi! My name is Mrs Mulgrew and I am one of teachers in St Peter's class and EYFS Lead. I have taught at St Paul's for 10 years and really love it, everyone is so kind and we all look after each other, we are one big family.

Although I have taught in other years groups majority of my teaching has been in the Early Years. I really love teaching the first year of school. It's so important and we get to learn through lots of play and exploration. My other job is being a mummy to my 2 year old twin boys, they definitely keep me busy! We love sharing books together, they especially love the author Julia Donaldson and one of our favourites is 'The Highway Rat'.


As EYFS  Lead I work closely with the Nursery and get to visit the children regularly, We have a fantastic transition process due to the team working collaboratively. 


Mrs West - Early Years Teacher

Hello! My name is Mrs West and I have been teaching at St Paul’s for nine years now. It is a fantastic place to teach with amazing children, families and staff. Since being at St Paul’s I have taught in a number of different year groups and have been teaching children to read as an Ecar teacher (Every Child a Reader). Reading is my absolute favourite thing and I am often found with my nose in a good book! My favourite children’s book is ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. I love the illustrations and the idea of Max, the main character, having an adventure and sailing off in his own boat. Before I became a teacher I travelled around the world for eighteen months, living in Australia for a year and then spending time in South East Asia. I am very busy at home now as I have two children and two cats called Moon and Raffy. They are very mischievous but lots of fun!