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In our Early Years Team (Nursery and Reception) we aim high to deliver all key features of an effective practice to enable children to have an excellent foundation to give them a bright future:

  1.  At St Pauls’ we are an inclusive setting and we believe all children deserve equal opportunities and high quality education especially with disadvantaged background. 
  2. We aim to give the highest quality of care with the child’s experience in the central of our ethos. We understand that high quality care is consistent and we enjoy spending time with young children. We regularly host WOW days to enable children to take part in hands-on, practical and memorable events to extend their Cultural Capital and feed their curiosity about the world.
  3. Our curriculum is carefully planned and ambitious. Our curriculum is the top level of everything the child needs to learn and it is linked to our whole school’s curriculum. We have the core of Catholic Social Teaching in the centre while progressively building skills from Nursery to Reception and beyond.
  4. We help our children to learn though a mixed of approaches: we have Adult-led and Child –initiated activities. Play is the centre of the provision with carefully designed activities and skill progression. We have elements of the Curiosity approach and we are inspired by the Reggio classroom.
  5. Our assessment is continuous as our practitioners understand child development and they spend the majority of their time with the children.
  6. We have language development in the heart of our approach, as it is our focus to improve early language in our setting.
  7. Our aim is to have very tight partnership with our parents. We hold regular workshops, parents’ evenings and maintain regular communication in person and on Tapestry and Seesaw.

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