Curriculum At St Paul’s

At St Paul's we have worked hard to ensure that the curriculum is broad, balanced and engaging  for all children. This year we have focused most of our learning around a high quality core texts that will be read each half term in class. Lots of purposeful links will then be made across the curriculum. Each core text will have a 'hook' to get the children really excited for their learning. Each child will also have a half termly homework sent home in their homework books. The children are free to choose two activities from the choices given. Don't forget to look for the curriculum boards outside the classrooms, as these will display the core text along with the links to all learning. 


Enhancing our Curriculum

St Paul’s CatholicPrimary School

At St Paul’s, we encourage children to try their best in all areas of the curriculum. Every child has different strengths and weaknesses as a learner and at our school, these are celebrated.

Through our whole school Growth Mind-set approach, we encourage children to be brave enough to take on new challenges in their learning and adopt a mind-set, which involves learning through our mistakes and trying our best in all areas of school life.

Even though there is a large emphasis on reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics, we also believe it fundamental that children are able to develop their creativity and team work skills. Therefore, the children are given opportunities to take part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities throughout the academic
year, to help them to develop their critical thinking, problem solving and perseverance.

At St Paul’s we wholly believe in the holistic development of children, to ensure not just academic, but also personal and social development, in preparation for their futures; whatever they may be.

2018-2019 Curriculum Map