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Here you can discover all the wonderful learning, enrichment activities and sporting events that our pupils take part in. 


Spring 2 


Kick for CAFOD 


During Lent the children of St Paul's donated a £1 to kick penalties against teachers and Year 6 pupils. It was a great event, the children really enjoyed taking their penalties.

Year 4 Geography Field Work Waterlooville and Southwick

Science Week 2020

The children of St Paul's took part in Science Week, where the children have been looking at different aspects of diversity throughout our world. 

HMS Queen Elizabeth Year 5/6 Trip 


A group of Year 5 and 6 pupils were fortunate enough to be invited for a tour of the new aircraft carrier - HMS Queen Elizabeth. It was an amazing trip to see such a wonderful piece of our Royal Navy. 

Autumn 2

Autumn Term Curriculum Celebration 

At the end of such a busy term, St Paul's held at special celebration assembly, for Currriculum leaders to award certificates for progress and excellence  for each class. subjects celebrated this term were: Art, Handwriting, Maths, Musoc, Phonics, Relgious Educaton, Reading and Spanish. 

Year 2 - Special Nativity at Portsmouth Cathedral

KS1 Circus Skills

As a Christmas treat EY and KS1 enjoyed a circus skills workshop with Phil. He taught us how to walk the tightrope; including Mrs Jamieson. We learnt how to spin plates, balance peacock feathers and scarf juggling. We had a great time! Thank you Mrs Killick and Mrs Schouller.

Choir - Singing at Hamilton House

Reception- Hands on Learning Experiences

Year 3 Butser Ancient Farm - Stone Age

Our children experienced travelling back in time to the Stone Age this week when they visited Butser Ancient Farm. They took part in many different activities to relive the way of life in the Stone Age. Our children made jewellery using copper, they used plant fibres to make materials to would of been used for shelter building and took part in an archaeological dig to hunt for animal artefacts. 

Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Amazing Homework Projects

Year 4’s have worked really hard for this terms project about the Anglo-Saxons. Many children choose to make an Anglo saxon shield, sword or axe. Some children made posters, quizzes and fact files! Thank you to the children and their parents for their lovely work! 



Year 5 Moon Landing Trip - St John's College

A great day was had by all, the children took part in 4 activities to rescue Sophie a stranded astronaut. Our children were commended for their team work, creative problem solving, so much so they won the competition.

Year 2 Fort Nelson Trip

The children in Year Two had an amazing day travelling back into time to the Crimeon War during their trip to Fort Nelson. They were able to look at artefacts and role play how life would have been in the times of Florence Nightingale. They had the opportunity to work with actors who gave them an insight into Florence's life and found out more information for their topic of Why do we Remember?  Bella said 'Thank you for this trip it was the best!

Autumn 1 

Year 2 - Amazing Landmarks

As part of their Geography learning, the pupils have created these wonderful Landmark homework projects.

Year 5 - Mandir Visit

As part of their learning, the pupils of year 5 visited a local Hindu Temple, here they discovered more about the religion and its building.