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Autumn Term

Year 6 have been finding out about the work of Portsmouth Artist 'My Dog Sighs' Here are some of their drawings 'studies of eyes'.

In art Year 3 are finding out about colour. They are learning about the colours in the colour wheel and how the secondary and tertiary colours are made. In this lesson the practised skills in mixing and blending chalks,

Year 5 are learning to use their sketchbooks as Artists. Here are their studies of 'Birds of the Amazon RainForest.'

Year 2 This term's art has been linked to their topic of animals living in the Arctic and Antarctica Have been finding out about texture and made some texture rubbings as part of their penguin collage.

Year 5 Animal collage This project involved collage, painting and pastels techniques. The effective background was created through using water resist pastel and a wash of watercolour. The paper was then torn and layered to create an effect of fur or feathers.